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Tested up to PHP 8.1.x, Apache 2.4.x, MySQL 5.7.x

and Nginx Proxy Cache.

Minimum PHP 7.4.x, Apache 2.2.x, MySQL 5.6.x

The Ultimate Bot Firewall, Spider, Bad User fighter! BotBanish will stop bad bots, spiders and users by their behavior and banish them from your websites and forums with little user intervention.

BotBanish will also help defend against Denial of Service, SQL injection and remote control attacks. Discovers new bots automatically. Denies bots performing data collection about you and your sites.

You will be surprised about the daily attacks on your sites. Bots are downloading your files and scaping your website for data to use against you. We can stop all of that! Wondering why you have lots of traffic but no sales? All this traffic will give you the sense that many people are visiting your sites and this may not be the case. Many are bots and attackers. BotBanish is your best defense against this unwanted traffic.

BotBanish has true analytics for webpage and file downloads which eliminates bot traffic. View the logs to see what gets blocked and why. Learn what you really need to know about your web traffic!

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Don't know how to install or use the BotBanish Firewall? Check out our installation videos on our website, YouTube or our support site Visit the support site to get detailed information and assistance. Don't let the bot's pretend to be users of your websites and forums. BotBanish will stop bot's in their tracks.

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The paid version is a subscription for 1 year and the free version is a trial for 90 days which will revert to the free version after that. The paid version handles country blocking and reporting and a hive like mind which gather information on attacks across the globe and blocks them for everyone so other never have to experience the attack and will be immune. The free version only block what happens solely to the one client and has no country blocking or reporting. It has to experience every attack in order to block it.

Did you know that BotBanish can allow you to track your website page hits and you don't have to reprogram your code? Try the full version for 90 days with no obligation.

Are you paying for clicks to your website? Have lots of traffic but very little sales? Don't pay for useless bot traffic, bots don't buy anything! Allow BotBanish to protect you from this situation. Use the BotBanish Analytics to verify results and not overpay.

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The Ultimate Bot Firewall