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Version 3.6.04 Released November 29, 2020

If you have a forum that we do not yet support, let us know so we can support it.


SMF (3.6.04)

OpenCart (3.6.04)

Websites (3.6.04)

WordPress (3.6.04)

Please update ALL prior versions of BotBanish to the latest release.

Please visit our support site for additional help


We Don't Report Abuse

We STOP It!!!

The Ultimate Bot / Spider / Bad User fighter! BotBanish will monitor and recognize bots / spiders / bad users by their behavior and banish them from your system without any user intervention.

Dynamically block bad bot / spiders / bad users from your websites and forums. BotBanish will also help defend against Denial of Service, SQL injection and remote control attacks. Discovers new bots automatically. Just install it and forget it! BotBanish will do the rest. BotBanish will automatically block what others do not know about and will discover new bots by their behavior and signatures.

Not all bots obey the robot.txt files but we discover and stop them too. BotBanish is your best defense against unwanted traffic. Bots downloading your files? We can stop that too!

BotBanish has true website and file download Analytics that has bot traffic excluded. What you really need to know about your web traffic!


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