BotBanish Will Superceed All Other
Bot Detection Systems

What does BotBanish do? BotBanish will automatically log and terminate BOTs that are determined to be fake users. BotBanish will track them until BotBanish determines that they should not have access to your system. The termination process makes it easier for your sites; so that your sites will not have to use up resources to monitor frequent BOT attacks.

BotBanish dynamically block bad bot / spiders / users from your websites and forums. Just install it and forget it! Botbanish will do the rest. BotBanish will automatically block what others do not know about and will discover new bots by their behavior and signatures. Not all bots obey the robot.txt files but BotBanish will discover and stop them too. BotBanish is your best defense against unwanted traffic. We also catch the bots that disquise themselves as regular browsers.

Do you have downloads on your site? Did you ever notice that you have lots of page hits and downloads but few customers? This can happen if automated bots are hitting your site giving you false readings. BotBanish can keep these bots from doing this.

BotBanish can also block whole countries from accessing your sites. There may be times when there is no reasons that certain countries should be accessing your site and when they are; most likely they are attempting to find vulnerabilities to cause harm to your site.

Create blacklist and whitelist using domains, spiders, IP’s and countries. Check the logs to determine what actions were taken on those who attempted to abuse your sites.

Your website or forum can be bogged down with bots (or humans) that keep searching for vulnerabilities on your sites by using brute force attacks to do so. The bot may sit for hours on end at your site trying to learn how to answers your logon and registration forms or just trying many different combinations that they have learned from other sites that they have attacked or breached. They are sometimes smart enough to not try too many times in a short time span so they will not get locked out. This will not fool BotBanish into not recognizing them and stopping them from attacking your system. They are stealing your bandwidth, creating fake account and spamming your sites. This can lead to all sorts of issues for the regular visitors to your sites. You can spend many hours deleting spam and fake accounts, just to have them recreated, possibly with a different username and/or email.

BotBanish will stop these Bots from accessing your site for good. Vulnerable site information is shared between some bot makers and users and therefore if your site is protected, that information is also shared and you will get less bot attacks (They do not want to waste time and efforts either).

BotBanish is dynamic protection and that means that you install it and forget it. BotBanish will be on guard 24/7 protecting your site from bot attacks. BotBanish will learn bot behavior then stop them.

BotBanish will check each user for certain URL phrases that used to find vulnerabilities to the system in order to create an account to SPAM the system. If BotBanish detects that a “user” is guilty of searching for vulnerabilities, BotBanish will block the the “user” from accessing the system.